How will you wear it?

Two enamel pin designs: one bright and bold, the other elegant and jewel-like.
Handwritten in Neuland Hand and embellished with a ductus, this pin looks nice on a
lapel, bag, or suspenders of any visual practitioner or lettering fan.

Pre-order Your ABCXYZ Enamel Pin Here

EuViz Letters

Visual practitioners from all over the world will be gathering for EuViz in Denmark.
Nine of them will be joining me for a 2-day lettering workshop July 26 & 27.
We will cover new lettering styles and how to apply them in your client work from studio to working live in front of the client.
You can learn more and secure your space by clicking the link below.

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Zine, EuViz Breakout, and Upcoming Online Course

After studying with sign painters and translating their styles to writing them on the wall with the ArtMarker, I'm currently developing a few products and value your feedback. Pre-orders of the zine also available. Click below.

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The Perfect Venn Diagram

They're BAAAAACK! I'm currently working with a fabricator and planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign or take preorders.
I appreciate  and value your feedback.

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Neuland Hand 2.0

Every Lettering Tips Tuesday I release a new video on my Facebook page. Throughout the summer, I will be covering variations and ways to bring Neuland Hand to life!

It's All About the Masters!

We have had 6 stellar months of learning new lettering styles and getting into the minds of the masters. Together we have explored: traditional calligraphy, calligraffiti, practical "hands" and expressive letterforms from visual practitioners in our field.

You can sign up for the full year anytime to gain access to past and future sessions or purchase single sessions through the link below.

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