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Tools of the Trade

Do you have a favorite nib, but don't like one of the others?

For example, maybe the round nib is your go-to, but the wedge is your kryptonite?

Do you ever wonder why Neuland has 5 different brush nibs?

I demystify these nibs, their uses, and a few of the lettering styles that go with them in: 

Tools of the Trade
Tuesday, July 11
10am - 12:30pm MDT
Find your local time here.
Free or pay what you want.

You may join the live session for free, or pay what you want. Proceeds benefit the scholarship fund. Together we have helped artists who face financial adversity, those in marginalized communities who are underrepresented in our fiend, and women helping women. Thank you for going above and beyond with me!


In this session, I will cover the different types of nibs and together we will answer the question:

What is this tool designed for and what else can it do?

I want you to know the anatomy of each nib and the marks each makes so you can have command and control over the tool.

Who is this session for?

  • Professionals who use Neuland markers and want a refresher or are just learning about a new tool to them: like the BigOne Art or FineOne Flex (my two favorite).
  • Visual Practitioners (seasoned or new-to-the-field) working in any size: from sketchbooks to wall charts and everything in between.
  • Calligraphers who have wondered how to use these tools in their work.
  • Anyone who stumbled across this page and is thinking, "What the heck!?!!"

Upon registration, you will receive:

  • A confirmation email and invitation to join the live Zoom call on July 11.
  • Supply list of Neuland products (and a 15% off voucher code) and their equivalents.
  • Handout: a PDF you will want to download and print off prior to the session.
  • Access to Unlock Your Neuland Markers for you keeners who want to get started.
  • Invitation and discount code to join the Finding Your Signature Style class so you can put these tools to work for you.

An hour before the live session you will receive the Zoom link to join the class.

This session will be recorded and archived in the Unlock Your Neuland Markers class for easy referral. And at the end of the session, you will have a marked up zine that you can refer to anytime you are writing with your Neuland markers.

Questions? Please email Heather

Heather Leavitt Martinez is a lettering artist and author of the award-winning book, “Lettering Journey: Fast, Functional, Fun!” A book inspired by shapes and letters around her. Heather’s zone of genius is breaking down letterforms into patterns and the tools used to make them, then creating exercises to teach others to improve their lettering practice.

She is also a Neuland and Blackwing ambassador who believes that slowing down should be savored. Because she mostly writes really fast.