Graphic Novelist Marker Kit

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to letter like a graphic novelist?

This  Graphic Novelist marker kit includes:

  • Neuland markers:
    • SketchOne®
    • FineOne® outliner
    • TwinOne® Outliner
    • BigOne® Wedge 500 (brilliant yellow)
  • Sketchnote by professional visual practitioner Ferry Timp in postcard form
  • “I Letter Like a Graphic Novelist” sticker and button
  • 3 Sheets of grid paper  
  • Real, live hardcopy zine (from my local print shop) 


PLEASE NOTE: These kits will start shipping December 4th.
You will receive a email when the shipping label is printed.
Order soon while supplies last.

Want to learn more about the online lettering class that inspired this kit?
Click here for Letter like a Graphic Novelist with Heather Martinez. 

$40 includes shipping within the US. For other countries or Questions Email Heather.

$40.00 USD or more