Lettering Journey EXPRESS Marker Kit

Looking to use the professional tools visual practitioners use in their work?

Based on the award-winning book, Lettering Journey EXPRESS was designed with the visual practitioner and lettering artist in mind.

Here's the kit!

Kits are $40 and includes a signed copy of my award-winning book: Lettering Journey: Fast. Functional. Fun!, a handful of markers and stickers (more than what is pictured here), and domestic shipping (US only).

I can also ship internationally, extra postage applies. Simply email me to learn what the shipping cost is outside of the US.

You may purchase more than one kit. Simply add $40 for each additional kit.

WHY buy the kit?
1. I refer to items in the kit throughout my online classes. With the kit, you will have them as you follow along.
2. Shipping in the US is cheaper ($39 savings)
3. You get mail AND fun swag.

Reasons WHY NOT to buy the kits:
1. You already have all of the materials.
2. You want to buy your own materials directly from Neuland and save 15% by using the voucher code you will receive when you register for the class.
3. You don’t want the carbon footprint. (I get it! And thank you.)

Want the accompanying online course:
Lettering Journey EXPRESS
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Questions? Email Heather here.


$40.00 USD or more

Want the accompanying online course:
Lettering Journey EXPRESS?