Learn to Sketchnote!

Imagine being in a calligraphy class or art workshop taking notes but all the pages look the same. It’s hard to look back and remember what you wrote and where to find it. What makes one line of text differ from the rest?

Learn to sketchnote!

It’s a great learning tool you can use when taking notes in class and workshops, journaling vacations, and telling a visual story.

Designed with the calligrapher or lettering artist LEARNER in mind, in this course, we will:

  • Explore a variety of materials used by professional and amateur sketchnoters.
  • Adopt a fast lettering style to use when rapid capturing and vary it up to fit your style and needs.
  • Practice hierarchy and page composition to help guide the reader’s eye across the page.
  • Draw simple objects quickly to serve as mnemonic devices.

In addition to the sketchnoting videos created for this course, you will also automatically receive the How to Write like an Architect online course (a $35 value) and access to Unlock Your Neuland Markers. That's 3 classes for the price of one!

What People Are Saying:

I really enjoyed your class! I cannot express how happy I am when someone, such as yourself, is prepared, knows how to engage students, knows how to work the technology, and on and on!! I can’t think of another time when I could sit at the computer for so long and be so interested in what is happening. Thank you for all the time and energy spent on the class.

Rhonda R.

I found you to be the best online facilitator I ever have experienced, and thought your story was so interesting.

Lili G.

$45.00 USD