Letter Like a Graphic Novelist

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to letter like a graphic novelist?

This is a fast and fun lettering style that is great for:

  1. Improving your handwriting
  2. Combining with images to tell a story
  3. Collaborating with other artists

AND...this is a great time to letter with friends and family!

Please join us:
December 26 - 28
10:00 - 11:30am MST

Day One…
First we will begin by putting pencil to paper, just like architects do when sketching out their ideas and designs.

Day Two…
Then we will switch to ink and with a twist of a nib, give the lettering style a comic-book look.

Day Three…
Finally we will scale up and make powerful words that POP! And cover layout. ;)

BONUS! For those of you working digitally (on an iPad), at the end of each session, I will be giving a quick overview of tech tips when working digital including brushes.
NOTE: I work in Adobe Fresco. If you want to follow along, you may, but ONLY IF you know your app well and how to make your own brushes. I will start with a quick lesson, take questions from those who are already working digitally, then if there is time, I will answer questions by those who are "digitally curious" after watching as much of what I cover may inform your "digital direction."

You will receive:

  • Immediate access to the online course How to Write like an Architect so you can get started lettering right away!*
  • Handouts and lettering templates in the form of a zine (sent via email prior to the live session)
  • Invitation to the live sessions
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to recordings from all three sessions so the learning may continue. 
  • IF YOU BUY THE KIT (>$40 value, shipped in the US), you will get:
    • Neuland markers: SketchOne, FineOne outliner, TwinOne Outliner, BigOne Wedge 500 (brilliant yellow)
    • “I Letter Like a Graphic Novelist” sticker and button
    • 3 Sheets of grid paper
    • Real, live hardcopy zine (from my local print shop)
    • Delievered right to your door!

If you DON’T have the kit, here is what you will want to have on hand:

  • Pencil
  • Wedge nib markers or pens
  • Grid paper
  • Printed out copies of the PDF handouts


Here's the kit!

Kits are $40 extra and include domestic shipping (US only). You may purchase more than one kit. When you check out on this page, simply add $40 for each kit you want. I will bundle the kits into one shipment. I can also ship internationally, extra postage applies. You may also purchase just the kit here.

WHY buy the kit?
1. I’ll be referring to items in the kit and you will have them as you follow along.
2. Shipping in the US is cheaper ($39 savings)
3. You get mail AND fun swag.

Reasons WHY NOT to buy the kits:
1. You already have all of the materials.
2. You want to buy your own materials directly from Neuland and save 15% by using the voucher code you will receive when you register for the class.
3. You don’t want the carbon footprint. (I get it! And thank you.)

This is for all ages, all experience levels, and all kinds of lettering artists. I will be using a lot of language used by visual practitioners, calligraphers, and hand lettering artists because that who mainly will be attending the sessions. Consider the online environment a melting pot of creative types. You will have so much to learn from me, and others!

*If you already have access to How to Write like an Architect, you can gift a copy to a friend! Just let me know upon registration. 

Purchase this course once and access it for a lifetime. You can invite friends and family to join you for the live session, but please don’t share the recordings (for if you do, I don’t eat). Thank you for supporting my creative habit! Lettering is a healthy addiction.


About Your Instructor

Heather Leavitt Martinez is a practical mix of fine and commercial artist. Rooted in printmaking and photography, she has worked in nearly every medium including ceramics, sculpture, and graphic design. She also draws and has written an award-winning book: "Lettering Journey: Fast, Functional, Fun!".

Heather is a lettering artist by accident but loves it fully and it’s one of her main focuses in life. Her love of lettering has inspired her to study with master calligraphers, sign painters, and graffiti artists from around the world. She takes what she learns and translates it using Neuland tools and materials to teach others.

With a passion for lettering, Heather enjoys helping others improve their handwriting and find ways to express themselves through different lettering styles. Lettering like a Graphic Novelist is a favorite of Heather's because it's easy to learn, fast to write, and fun to apply to many different projects.

If you have questions or accommodations requests, please email Heather here.

$75.00 USD or more

Use the tools I'll be using in the course or give them as a gift! For an additional $40, the kit will be mailed directly to you or a friend. (Shipping in the US ONLY). Email me for multiple orders or shipping outside of the US.
NOTE: This kit is optional. You may order it separately anytime while supplies last.