Learn to Letter like a Sign Painter!

Early Adopter Launch :: September 8-10
Public Launch :: September 11-15













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Neuland Hand 2.0

This past summer, I released a new video each week for Lettering Tips Tuesday on my Facebook page covering Neuland Hand 2.0. You can watch this hour-long compilation on YouTube below. Be sure to have your markers and plenty of paper handy!

Neuland Hand Contest

Show off your lettering skills and win a prize! Here's how:

1. Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corpgraffitiart

2. Share how you use Neuland Hand in your creative or professional work on Instagram and hashtag #letslettertogether

I will randomly select a winner each month to receive an ABCXYZ enamel pin and free access to the online course: “How to Letter like a Sign Painter.”

ABCXYZ Enamel Pin

A great gift for yourself or a friend!

Because these have a 6-week production time, I'm selling them in batches to ensure availability.

You can choose between 2 options:

Option A: Go Bold! With yellow and red at ~1.5” wide, or

Option B: Be Elegant... with black and silver
 at ~1” wide

$15 each + Shipping & Handling

Click here to preorder your pin

EuViz Recap

Remember EuViz? Here you can download:

A 1-hour recorded session of my lettering journey and shared experiences from participants who dialed in

Lettering exemplar from my travel journal

Integration :: a 3-page PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to take new learnings and make them part of your visual practice

Use the code: "euvizrecap"

Lettering Tools and Tips for Visual Practitioners

Grab your markers and plenty of lined paper!

If you have taken one of my in-person workshops or watched all of my free videos, then it's likely you don't need to take this one. HOWEVER, you might know someone who could benefit from taking it so please share!

Hosted by NOVA Scribes, this $25 webinar will air Thursday, September 20th at 7pm EDT.

Click to register

5 Lettering Styles, 5 Markers in 5 Minutes

Thank you Neuland for allowing me the opportunity to share "the stage" at EuViz with other Neuland Ambassadors: Brandy Agerbeck and Renatta Algalarrondo in your Mini-Workshop series. Enjoy this ~20 minute video.

Early Adopter Launch

Thank you so much for your interest and continued support! Those who have pre-ordered the zine, enamel pin, or have taken any of my in-person workshops will receive special discounts on top of the pre-launch and public launch pricing. Please check you inbox for details.









Learn How to Letter like a Sign Painter!

Sign painters (aka, Sign Writers) work fast and as visual practitioners we do too! After studying with master sign painters, I have translated the lettering styles they use and broken them down into simple strokes using a brush tip marker.

The online course includes 10 videos and PDF downloads. (Pssst...you can learn the style in just two videos in under an hour.)

The 24-page zine is a great companion to the course—though not necessary—and I'm happy to sign it to you or a friend.

Taught at EuViz and in the online and in-person "Level Up Your Lettering" courses, if you missed it, no worries!

Click here to pre-order the zine and receive an additional discount on the online course

Level Up Your Lettering Game!

For those serious about leveling up their lettering game, this virtual course is the condensed version of the in-person course which includes:
Three Virtual Live-Session Group Calls including:

  • A new lettering style introduced in each call
  • How to scale lettering styles, hierarchy, and when to use what styles
  • Tools to help you build confidence while working live in front of the client

Three 1:1 Virtual Sessions where you will receive:

  • Feedback on your lettering
  • Coaching on your visual practice
  • Free access to other upcoming online lettering courses (up to a $100+ value)

Space is limited in this high-touch, virtual course. Pre-requisite: "Unlock Your Neuland Markers" and prework prior to first group call.

Click here to let me know that you want on the waiting list

It's All About the Masters!
You can join the course anytime!

We have had 8 stellar months of learning new lettering styles and getting into the minds of the masters. Together we have explored: traditional calligraphy, calligraffiti, practical "hands" and expressive letterforms from visual practitioners in our field.

You can sign up for the full year anytime to gain access to past and future sessions or purchase single sessions through the link below.

Learn More

Do you have what it takes?

If you have watched all of the free videos in "Unlock Your Neuland Markers" and are ready for a 1:1 lettering session, please have the following on hand:

  • Laptop or Tablet with a built-in camera
  • Phone AND phone clamp
  • Good lighting
  • Markers and Paper

Once you have collected all of these items—the phone clamp being an essential piece, you will have what it takes! You may click below to purchase your spot. I will then give you access to my calendar to set up a time to meet.

I look forward to lettering with you!

Click here to schedule a virtual lettering call

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