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Upcoming Class Descriptions

Thursday, February 16, or
Friday, February 24, or
Tuesday, February 28
How to Letter like a Sign Painter
Adults only class.

Ever wonder how sign painters (or sign writers) quickly make signs for all occasions? Learn the lettering style by using a brush marker! In this 2-hour session, you will:

  • Learn a fast and fun lettering style using a Neuland Art marker.
  • Design and layout a mini "Show Card" that is Instagram-worthy.
  • Receive a zine and accompanying online course to continue learning. ($65 value)
  • Take home 3 sizes of brush markers so you can work at any size. ($10 value)

NOTE: This is a great way to prepare for the upcoming "It's a Sign!" class coming this winter where we will be making Trader Joe-like signs using acrylic and chalk markers.

$75 per person, class size limited to 6. Email for availability.

Valentine Cardmaking and Discovery Lab
February 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 & 14, 3-6pm
Drop-ins welcome, all experience levels, includes all supplies. $25

Now forming...
Cardmaking and Discovery Lab
Thanks to those who stop by my studio and express interest in classes. I am now considering an ongoing "techniques" class. We will start simply by applying what we learn to cardmaking. You can then translate that into other formats.

Some requests have included:
• Watercolor backgrounds
• Collage and mixed media
• Bister Inks
• Use of the Cricut for a variety of projects

All experience levels welcome. All supplies included. Bring projects you are working on and receive feedback for your layout and design.

This will be an ongoing, weekly class. You can choose which sessions you want to participate in, or save money by signing up for multiple.
Class size limited to 6 at a time. Email to share your ideas and request a best day/time.




Looking for this class? Let's set up a time in March!
Let’s Letter Together!
Kids 8+ with an adult*

 *This can be parent/child, aunt or uncle/niece or nephew, etc. The idea is that we are better when we letter together!

 In each session, we will letter together, then work on projects that you will remember for a lifetime.

You will also receive access to accompanying videos so that the learning can continue. You will also leave each session with handouts, mark making tools you get to keep, and an exemplar of your own to build from.
$125 per person, class size limited to 6. Email for availability.


Mondays, March 6, 13 & 20, 5-7pm

Improve Your Handwriting

Want to improve your handwriting in a fun atmosphere?

You will get to apply what you learn immediately and will walk away with lettering styles that will last you a lifetime!
Adults only class.

Session 1: How To Write Like An Architect
Many architects and map makers need to write neat and quickly to accompany their designs. You will learn the attributes, variations and how to make this style your own—to be used for any occasion.

Session 2: Italic Script
Italic is not just a variation of a font, it’s a hand or lettering style that was designed to be readable, to write rhythmically to support writing with speed, and the best part is that it has so many variations. We will start by using monoline tools with and without connections so you can choose if you want to write Italic as print or script. Once you know this lettering style, you can apply it as a foundation for brushlettering and more.

Session 3: Scale Up and Scale Down
Writing big can be fun! Writing small may be out of preference or necessity. We will scale our letters up and down using the right tool for the job. You will learn Thick/Thin Script to use on posters, banners or wall work. And Roman Hand at a very small scale (think .3mm) to serve as a skeleton lettering style for legibility and other lettering styles.

Each session comes with an accompanying video that you will receive at the conclusion of the course so that the learning can continue. You will also leave each session with handouts, mark making tools you get to keep, and an exemplar of your own to build from.
$125 per person, class size limited to 6. Email for availability.

Need to know...

  • All classes are held in a working studio...#11 in The ArtRoom at the Smiley Building, Durango, Colorado.
  • Secure your spot by electronic payment in advance (PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App).
  • Every class comes with multiple Neuland markers. Bring your markers in anytime for FREE marker maintenance: re-inking and new nibs.
  • Class size is limited and for adults only. What to letter with the kiddos in your life? Get on the waiting list for the official Let's Letter Together! class.
  • Each class includes supplies and accompanying videos so your learning can continue.

Brushlettering Fun!

Why is this the most popular class?
Because brushlettering is the most versatile style that can be enjoyed and used in many ways.

Includes markers you get to take with you, accompanying online course and discounts for other courses.

Offered through AirBnB Experiences.

You can:

  • choose a best day/time that works for you,
  • book a private class for you and your friends and family, or
  • suggest an alternative date. 
Grab your spot!

Visit our brick-and-mortar classroom!

Located in The ArtRoom of the historic Smiley building in Durango, Colorado, we are now offering in-person lettering classes for all experience levels.

Whether you are visiting for the day or want to take a month-long class, come letter for fun in a working studio among other visual artists.

Every class includes all of the supplies you need to make great letters and get to take with you. lettering classes so your learning can continue!

Coming Soon...

More lettering and sketchnoting classes.
Form your own custom class!
Gal's night, date night, family night, team building, etc.
by getting 4 or more friends or family together.

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