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Designed by a visual practitioner with EVERYONE in mind.
Whether you are an aspiring lettering artist or someone who just wants to have some fun sprucing up your handwriting, WELCOME!

NEW VIDEO SERIES :: Learn the secrets behind the unique handwriting of architects!

This pin was designed for those who love lettering.

ABC...easy as:
1) Check out this enamel pin on Kickstarter,
2) Choose which pin is a good fit for you, and
3) Wear it with pride!

Handwritten in Neuland Hand and embellished with a ductus, this pin looks nice on a lapel, bag, or suspenders!

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Learn lettering techniques and secrets from a different master each month.

We will go behind the scenes with calligraphers, sign artists, and even a graffiti artist, visiting them at work in their studios. Discover how these masters create stunning effects using simple tools available to all of us. Register for the full year to get early access to each lesson and save $120!

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Unlock Your Neuland Markers

A FREE Visual Practitioner’s “Startup Series” That Any Lettering Enthusiast Can Master

This FREE video series guides you through discovering all the capabilities of your Neuland markers. I recommend this course for anyone interested in taking my online or in-person lettering classes or just looking for a great foundation for their lettering journey. Lettering styles covered include Roman Hand, Double Stroke, Brush Lettering, and Neuland Hand.

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Your Guide to Improved Handwriting With Style.

Have you ever noticed that architects all write in a style that looks really cool and is easy to read, all at once?

With this 5-video course, you will learn how to write like an architect in just one hour, giving your handwriting a stylish flair for a lifetime.

The entire course and accompanying PDF downloads are available now for just $25.

But wait! There’s the proverbial more! I have just added a BONUS video showing how to practice on your tablet and with a variety of other mark-making tools.

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In-Person Workshops

Level up your lettering and learn practical applications you can use on the job.

Click on the links below to learn more about upcoming in-person workshops.

February: Vancouver, BC

March: Twin Cities, MN

July: Rungstegaard, Denmark
Level Up Your Lettering
Practical Applications

As a Neuland Ambassador, I get to share awesome swag with you!

Heather Martinez

Visual practitioner, Visioneer,
Neuland Ambassador, and Lettering Artist

When I’m not working with clients, I am developing my lettering practice to translate techniques I have learned from master calligraphers, sign painters, and graffiti artists into practical tips and tricks for other visual practitioners to use in their work.


Together, let’s elevate your own lettering practice and inspire your next project by boosting your confidence and improving your legibility, creativity, and speed.


Get special insider deals and first access to my latest lettering tips!

Want to be the first to know when I have a new course available? I reward my subscribers with “Lettering Knowledge Deposits,” including early access and fee discounts for upcoming courses!


Every month or so, I’ll pull together all of my latest lettering tips and tricks and share them with you on a special subscribers-only page of my site. In fact, you will receive my personal studio notes on brush lettering RIGHT NOW simply for signing up!

Don't fret, I will not share your email address or fill up your inbox with gobbledygook.

I look forward to lettering with you soon!

"Heather knows a [potentially intimidating] amount of hand lettering, design and typography craft yet, she is encouraging, fun and incredibly generous with her instruction and willingness to impart hard-earned industry knowledge. She patiently described how to get the best line from each style of Neuland pen and suggested hacks for making writing tools work in new and inventive ways."

Jennifer Nichols
BDes, Common Thought Creative

"I’m not a newbie to the visual process field. I’ve been a practitioner for over 20 years and have trained 2000+ people across the globe (including Heather early in her GR/GF career). Unlike Heather, I have no formal background in lettering. So it was my privilege to be HER student and benefit from her impressive hand lettering, calligraphy and sign painting knowledge. She’s a translator between the worlds of these lineage crafts and our newer GR/GF field. I learned things in her course that I applied the very next day (talk about teaching a ol’ dog new tricks). And loved, via her Neuland Ambassador role, learning more about the uses of their specialized markers and tools. I also left with a humble appreciation of the practice, mileage and patience required to get to the level of mastery that she holds in this important aspect of the work. Highly recommend Heather and her lettering programs. "

Christina Merkley

"I believe people come into your life for a reason and I am blessed to meet Heather Leavitt Martinez the lettering guru!!! Wonderful, knowledgeable, dynamic educator, who is also clever, funny, and kind. Not only did she spend time with each of us in class but worked with me for over an hour separately because I am left-handed. How fabulous is that!?"

Geri Briggs-Simpson
Visual Practitioner


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