About Me


Heather Leavitt Martinez
Visual Practitioner, Lettering Artist, Visioneer, and Neuland Ambassador

I want to letter with you!

I’m serious.

I love letters. I love writing and drawing letters. I love talking about, teaching, and just plain ol’ thinking about letters!

It was at a Meetup in Washington, D.C. where I realized that my strength in graphic recording was my lettering. And it was during a workshop with Carol DuBosch at the National Calligraphy Conference in North Carolina that I realized that all calligraphy scripts can be translated into lettering styles written with a marker.

Since 2016, I have made it my mission to study with masters of calligraphy, sign painting, and graffiti and share what I’ve learned with other visual practitioners. I have dedicated myself to translating the techniques of the masters into methods any visual practitioner can use. In the process, I have realized that anyone who picks up a marker could benefit from the knowledge I have to offer.

Today, I offer online courses, virtual 1:1 sessions, and in-person workshops, and constantly search for new ways to share my insights. I just can’t help myself.

If you get excited about lettering like I do, or want to discover that excitement for the first time, drop me a line.


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