Deep Dive Into You

New year, new you!
Take a deep dive by learning about yourself to make the most out of your strengths and helpful tools to put them to use.

Jill Greenbaum and Heather Martinez come together to share their favorite professional and self-development tools that you can put to use right away.

January 21 & 22
4 LIVE Sessions:
11:00am - 1:00pm EST
2:30pm - 4:30pm EST
You can find your local time here.

Workshop Content

Session One:
Access the Flow state creatively
Whether you are starting a new project, studying a new topic, or find yourself with a full calendar, increasing productivity is key...and so is taking care of yourself. In the first session, we will learn how to recognize your current state and practice getting into the Flow state. We will then focus on the tangible form of lettering as a metaphor for the practical things in our life and end with how to apply the Flow state other areas of your life.

Session Two:
See Yourself with New, Appreciative, Eyes…
Then Leverage Your Character Strengths to Design the Life You Desire
In this session, we will dig into the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry. The 5D AI process will set the stage for gaining clarity about where you are and want to be. You will create a map for exploiting your strengths to create the year your desire.

Session Three:
Connect with Others (and yourself) with Greater Ease…
Build Stronger Relationships
Are you ready to explore the building blocks of understanding yourself and others better? Together we will practice new methods so that you will rapidly identify your feeling and needs, learn how to talk about them in ways that others can understand, and discover ways to manage yourself in relation to sometimes challenging responses to requests. In this work, we will nurture greater compassion for others and ourselves.

Session Four:
Integrate your learning with ease
Now that you have taken a deep dive into who you are, you can develop the tools needed to help you live in accordance to your values. In this session we will create a decision model for the short term and an integration matrix you can quickly apply to any project or plan.


Instructor Bios

 Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D., is an alchemist—she works with clients to create transformational experiences. She integrates her deep knowledge of instructional design, Accelerated Learning techniques, and visuals into her suite of training programs to nurture engagement and achieve “sticky” results. Jill is the Certified Bikablo Global Trainer in the United States.

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Heather Martinez is a visual practitioner, lettering artist, and the Interim CoE Director, Design and Visualization for Kadabra. When she isn’t helping form high-performing teams or graphic facilitating, she’s helping others feel good about their lettering as they write in front of others.