Lettering with the Masters

We've been watching and admiring them for years and now they have agreed to share their lettering knowledge with others through this monthly online call. Some of our favorite visual practitioners, calligraphers and even a graffiti artist are coming together to share lettering styles you can use in your practice.

Each session has been recorded and is available in an online course complete with an exemplar to refer to, you can use what you learn immediately in your sketchnotes, graphic recordings, studio pieces, and more!

There are two ways you can learn from the masters:

  • Purchase the full year and access the entire online course anytime—giving you access to recorded sessions, exemplars, demo notes from each session, photos and extra lettering tips and resources. By paying $240 upfront, you save $120.
  • Purchase the month of your choosing to access the recorded session, exemplars and demo notes after the session has taken place. Each session is individually priced at $30 each. Links for individual sessions can be found below or see them all at: https://gumroad.com/corpgraffitiart

Masters for 2018:
January :: Corrina Keeling
Corrina is a sidewalk chalk revolutionary, graphic recorder extraordinaire, and maker of music to move you.
In this session, Corrina helped us see the relationship between letters and how to use "through lines" rather than baselines when connecting letters. She also expressed the power of creating positive messaging in public spaces.
You can purchase her single session here: https://gum.co/LWTMCorrina

February :: Max Gibbons
Max is an artist and teacher who combines his 10-years of graffiti writing experience with a passion for traditional calligraphy techniques.
In this session, Max shared how he uses the BigOne and other broad-edge tools to write calligraffiti based on Gothic and Fraktur.
You can purchase his single session here: https://gum.co/LWTMMax

March :: Paula Fagerberg
Paula is an Atlanta-based graphic facilitator and VP of Programs for Atlanta's calligraphy guild. A former professional calligrapher, her work has appeared in various national showcases of the lettering arts, including “The Speedball Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Pen and Brush Lettering.”
You can purchase her single session here: https://gumroad.com/l/LWTMPaula

April :: Ben Tinker
As a graphic facilitator and workshop designer, Ben does his lettering "at the wall" in two ways: he creates agenda and signage ahead of time in his studio; and he creates wall-sized artifacts and recordings in real-time before his customers' eyes.
You can purchase his single session here: https://gum.co/LWTMBen 

May :: Carol DuBosch
Carol, a calligrapher in Portland, Oregon since she was introduced to nibs & ink in 1959 as high school art student.
You can purchase her single session here: https://gum.co/LWTMCarol

June :: Rosanna von Sacken
Rosanna is obsessed with lettering using brush pens, calligraphy dip pens, chalk, chalk/bistro markers and even children’s regular Crayola markers.
You can purchase her single session here: https://gum.co/LWTMRosanna

July :: Avril Orloff
Avril is one of Canada’s senior visual practitioners, who has been animating meetings with her graphics since 2006—though she notes that she actually started drawing on walls as a small child (much to her mother’s chagrin).
You can purchase her single session here:

August :: Mike Rohde
Mike is the author of two bestselling books: The Sketchnote Handbook (2012) and The Sketchnote Workbook (2014).
You can purchase his single session here: https://gum.co/LWTMMike

September :: Trent Wakenight
Trent is a graphic facilitator and recorder who believes that lettering is as much a science as an art.
You can purchase his single session here: https://gum.co/LWTMTrent

October :: Kelvy Bird
Kelvy is an internationally recognized graphic facilitator primarily working with the Presencing Institute and MIT, among other community-based and global organizations.
You can purchase her single session here: https://gum.co/lwtmkb

November :: Sharon Zeugin
Sharon is an Austin,Texas based artist whose mixed-media fine art often combines images with text and lettering.
You can purchase her single session here: https://gum.co/lwtmsz

December :: Anthony Weeks
Anthony is an illustrator, documentary filmmaker, and visual storyteller based in San Francisco, CA.
You can purchase his single session here: https://gum.co/lwtmaw


If you have any questions about this offering, please email me.