FREE Course :: Unlock Your Neuland Markers

Whether you are a seasoned graphic recorder or just started sketchnoting an hour ago, here you can access a series of free lettering videos that guide you through the process of unlocking your Neuland markers.

After years of study in graphic design, learning from master calligraphers and signpainters, and applying my skills live in front of clients through graphic recording and facilitation, I have created a series of lettering styles that align with the markers in my Neuland choice kit.

While there is no obligation to buy my kit I will explain why I use these materials in my personal lettering practice, in front of my clients and in my in-person workshops. And if you are like me, you can always use more markers!

Learn four lettering styles you can use in your next live or studio capture...

Capturing content that your audience can read is essential when graphic recording, sketchnoting or creating pieces in the studio.

These video tutorials will walk you through the exemplars I designed with the visual practitioner in mind.

The exemplars (included inside the course) and what you may want to have on hand:

• Skeleton Letters/Roman Majascules: NoOne & FineOne markers
• Bold using Double Stroke First Stroke: Any marker you feel comfortable writing with
• Brush lettering: ArtMarker or other brush tip marker
• Title using Neuland Hand: BigONE (FatOne is optional) marker

Also bring your Hand Lettering Learning Pad for best results (graph or lined paper works too).

See you in class!