How to Letter like a Sign Painter

The benefits of learning How to Letter like a Sign Painter include:

  • Helps improve your rapid capture lettering with style.
  • Offers variations to fit your individual style.
  • Easy to learn and use when sketchnoting, graphic recording, and offers consistency when tandem recording.


Wise words from those who have taken the course:

"When you want to improve your lettering, there's no replacement for watching how a letter is made. Heather Martinez's videos show you how to make great letters that reflect your own style and preferences. The concise advice on everything from holding the marker to bringing numbers to life on the page inspired me to get my practice pad out and get to work. If you want to up your lettering game, "Lettering Like A Signpainter" will help you do it."
— Amy S.


“’s a short but effective course that distilled the nitty gritty of sign painting towards using it in graphic recording context.” — Antonio I.