Make It Your Lettering Year

Have you always wanted to reach your lettering goals but weren’t sure how to get there?

In this year-long course you will have an opportunity to learn the skills and techniques to build the confidence to “take the stage” with your lettering.

Each Tuesday starting January 4th for a year, you will receive a lettering prompt via email—complete with a supply list—that explores the many ways you can use lettering in your work and for fun. We will meet live on Zoom the 3rd Tuesday of each month for a 2-hour session where we will dive deep into lettering styles and techniques, share what we are currently working on, and celebrate our creations.

By the end of the year you will have amassed a huge library of lettering tips and techniques.

Whether you are a visual practitioner, lettering artist, or just a fan of letters, this class is for you!

I declared 2016 to be my lettering year. I traveled the country to study with master calligraphers, sign painters and graffiti artists and translated what I learned into techniques that have become a standard for many visual practitioners in our field. Now I want to share techniques that I have developed to keep your lettering inspired whether you use it for work or play.

Ultimately we will focus on how to:

  • form letters (legibility)
  • space letters (readability)
  • express with letters (creativity)
  • make meaning with letters (communicate)

You can join Make it a Lettering Year anytime, watch past recordings and join live sessions on the 3rd Tuesday each month at 10am MT. The first hour will be a review of what was created since the last session (from me and those who have something to share), feedback what you would like to learn, and the 2nd hour will be a prompt and technique session with time to practice and exchange ideas.

All experience levels welcome, even adults lettering with there teens. To best prepare, it’s highly recommended that you complete the free course, Unlock Your Neuland Markers (which you will receive access to automatically upon registration) or participate in Lettering Back-to-Basics Vacay so you have a foundation to work from.

2021 has been said to be a Maker's Year. I look forward to seeing what we create together!

Your friend in lettering,