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Make Your Charts Pop!

Sure you might have clean, clear lettering already. By adding a little style and techniques that help bring order, it's easy to add creativity to your compositions.Ā Here are samples of work by professional visual practitioners before and after taking my lettering courses.

Here Joleyne M. draws the viewers eye across the page by using lettering styles that help emphasize ideas and fill techniques that draw attention that she learned inĀ Level Up Your Lettering.

Take your flipcharts from functional to fabulous!

With just a few new lettering styles and “hot tricks," give your meeting participants something to really look at. As a result they will stay engaged—wondering what you will do next! By building confidence in your lettering you build confidence in how others perceive you.
Thank you Tricia C. for sharing the leap in improvement you made in your lettering. Now that it’s the hero in your work, you can focus on the real work at hand—serving your client and building all the skills we need a visual practitioners to continue to bring value.

Improving on All Levels

When our lettering can serve as a foundation from which to grow, there is room for other aspects of our work to improve too. Here are some details of how different lettering styles can can help show hierarchy and draw the viewerā€™s eye where you want it to go.

Here is what Carolyn C. Has to say about her lettering experience: "This summer I was lucky enough to participate in a two-day lettering course with the brilliant Heather Leavitt Martinez. It was a really powerful two days for me. I learnt a lot more than just letteringā€”she's a great teacher (and very funny)ā€”and I think my work went up a level, or maybe even two, as a result. And not just the lettering part, something about the way she teaches made me more conscious about all aspects of my work.ā€¯

When people start out in this work, they don’t normally start with lettering. After attending a few workshops in visual thinking, Iulian O. turned to lettering as a next focus. His work improved tremendously as he leveled up on all levels. He even claimed, "After the lettering workshop my writing improved a lot. I even got compliments…”

From first chart to most recent...

These charts illustrate the improvements that can be made in all aspects of live rapid capture. The improvement is obvious when it comes to drawing, layout, color paletteā€”but note the lettering!

For many of us we start out using the handwriting we have relied on our entire lives. Here Brian shows how emphasis and hierarchy can really make a chart pop when applying different markers and lettering styles. The title lettering style is one that has become an integral part of his lettering library that he translated and redesigned using a Neuland BigOneĀ® marker from a font he liked on his computer.Ā 
Thanks Brian T. For sharing your progress as a visual practitioner and how lettering is a cornerstone in your work!

Lettering and Confidence

Improving your letters isn’t always about the way it looks, but how confident you feel while writing them. While Tina A. came to my workshops already with pretty great handwriting, she left feeling inspired to continue practicing. As you can see that practice paid off. She feels so great about her work now, when sharing her work with me, she exclaimed, "These are some scary old photos. You've been such an amazing influence!!"

Visit www.LetsLetterTogether.com/workshops to improve your lettering skills today!

"Heather's Level Up Your Lettering workshop is the best blend of content, theory, and practical learning I've had in a very long time. I feel equipped to go back to my workplace and immediately apply many of my newly acquired skills.
Thank you, Heather!
And I highly recommend her new Lettering Journey book even if you, like me, need to pay with Canadian dollars which translate to a 35% extra cost. It's worth every penny!"

Beth W.

"Before I was inclined to write my letters very fast. Therefore my letters on a big sheet were always untidy. The courses Heather offers really gave me a boost to all my written words. And because she gives you a good start, in time it is half the work to make your letters sparkle. You get what you apply for....you will level up your lettering, more than you could ever imagine. Not just for tidy writing, but also to create (at first sight difficult) styles. So, what are you waiting for...allow yourself to learn from the most accessible teacher you've ever had."

Femke V.
Visual Practitioner

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