Two Upcoming Workshops in the U.S.

Conveniently located on the East and West Coasts for you to take part of this spring!

Bikablo + Lettering

Jill Greenbaum, sole US Bikablo Trainer and I team up share the practical application of pictures and words.

Co-hosted by Maga Design Studio in Washington, DC April 12 & 13, 2019

Let's Letter Together at The Grove!


I'm excited to announce that in addition to the line up of professional offerings at the Grove, I will be offering a customized version of Level Up Your Lettering. I hope you will join me in San Francisco so that we may letter together!
May 30 & 31, 2019
Be sure to check out the workshops offered before and after to make the most out of your investment.

Learn More and Grab Your Spot

Level Up Your Lettering Workshops

Get the in-person attention and experience you are looking for to bring your lettering practice to the next level.

Why is it important that you write quickly, legibly, and confidently for and in front of your clients? You know the answer.

We spend a lot of time writing in real time during meetings. Ask yourself... is your writing: Legible? Stylistic? Do you feel confident when writing live in front of others?

It’s likely you are relying on your handwriting for rapid capture. Yet there is so much more to it including hierarchy, emphasis, and composition.

Who this lettering workshop is designed for:

  • Visual practitioners and anyone capturing live during meetings (facilitators, trainers, and those white boarding or flip charting)
  • Those who understand the value of legibility and have to perform at speed
  • Anyone who wields a marker and wants to feel good about it

What we will cover in this two-day workshop:

  • A variety of lettering styles based on round, wedge, flat, and brush nib markers.
  • Marker hacks
  • Lettering hierarchy and a formula for determining lettering styles for all sizes from titles to small print for both full-size charts and flip chart size capture.
  • Practical applications of lettering as a visual practitioner.

This is not a traditional “hand lettering” class you might be thinking of, it’s about increasing the speed of read for your clients.

All supplies and lunch is included. Feel free to bring a water bottle and snacks.

When we letter together we learn the foundational letterforms and how we can vary them up to make them our own and differentiate ourselves.
In Level Up Your Lettering, I meet you where you are and help you level up your game by building confidence and exploring ways to find your unique style through a series of exercises and exploring a variety of mark-making tools.
Prior to the workshop, I ask participants to fill out a simple lettering self-assessment. I also encourage students to watch the free video series Unlock Your Neuland Markers at so that we have a common foundation from which to level up and are speaking the same jargon.

The lessons in the free online course are designed to:

  • Help you see the nuances in letterforms
  • Gain a better understanding of how each tool is designed to produce a different mark
  • Increase hand/eye coordination through pen manipulation: holding the marker at different or specific angles, pressure, and working with speed

In the Level Up Your Lettering in-person workshops, day one is about tools and letterforms. Day two is about the practical application of lettering in your work as a visual practitioner. Day three (optional) is a lettering tour that helps you see letters in your surrounding environment and how to break them down into usable forms in your work.

Additional benefits of attending the workshop:

  • Receive a 1:1 virtual lettering session to dive even deeper into your lettering practice ($125 value)
  • Gain access to free and special pricing for current and future online lettering courses

See upcoming workshop dates below. Space is limited so please register soon.

Want to co-organize a workshop in your region?
Please email me to receive a workshop planning checklist. I'm currently interested in teaching in Spain, Australia, South America, New York, and where ever you are!

Please check back! More dates and locations will be added to this page.

Can't get to an in-person workshop? Level Up Your Lettering VIRTUAL is offered twice a year. The next 3-month cohort starts May 2019. Email me for details.

Get on the NOTIFICATION LIST for upcoming Level Up Courses

"This summer I was lucky enough to do a two-day lettering course with the brilliant Heather Leavitt Martinez. It was a really powerful two days for me. I learnt a lot more than just lettering—she's a great teacher (and very funny)—and I think my work went up a level, or maybe even two, as a result. And not just the lettering part, something about the way she teaches made me more conscious about all of my work."

Carol C.
Visual Practitioner

Lettering Tour

While in Copenhagen for EuViz, I offered a walking lettering tour in heart centre. Now with each city I visit, I seek out lettering styles and invite you to join me. Bring your sketchbook, pencil/pens, and a camera. We'll have an adventure while lettering together throughout the city.

Free for workshop participants.

Friends, colleagues and/or family are invited to join at a $50 USD drop-in fee. We will scout out a place for lunch and snacks but purchasing will be your responsibility.

Click the image below to download an excerpt from my travel sketchbook and be notified for the next Lettering Tour!


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