Knowledge Deposits

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September 2018 Knowledge Deposit
New in this issue:

  • EuViz Recap :: A Lettering Journey
  • Neuland Hand 2.0 Complilation Video
  • How to Letter Like a Sign Painter Zine and Online Course
  • Level Up Your Lettering Online
  • 5 Lettering Styles, 5 Markers, in 5 Minutes Video
  • Lettering Tools and Tips for Visual Practitioners
  • Neuland Hand CONTEST

June 2018 Knowledge Deposit
Products! Products! Products! Including:

  • An enamel pin to express your love for lettering
  • "How to Letter Like a Sign Painter" 24-page zine
  • Draw the Perfect Venn Diagram Templates
  • And much more! Thank you for your feedback!

May 2018 Knowledge Deposit
Featuring online and in-person learning opportunities including many free resources:

  • Recorded sessions from *Live* Lettering Tips Tuesdays
  • Neuland Anniversary Tour :: Using every Neuland marker nib to create serif lettering styles
  • Giving and Receiving :: Scholarship opportunities
  • Mixing Inks :: tips and worksheet
  • Learn a new lettering style and get your work published!
  • Much more!

December 2017 Knowledge Deposit

  • Holiday lettering style: Twinkle.
  • Addressing envelopes
  • Interviews of me sharing my story

November 2017 Knowledge Deposit

  • Lettering Tips Tuesday and Bonus lettering tips
  • It's All About the Brush Tip :: NOVA Scribes Meetup