Level Up Your Lettering VIRTUAL

Pick up any marker and know what to do with it. Learn the hierarchy formula so as you are listening and working live, you know which marker, which lettering style, and what type of embellishment technique to use to get the results you want  

Level Up Your Lettering This is the online equivalent to the course That was taught at The Grove, at Bikablo HQ in Koln, EuViz in Copenhagen, VizConf in Melbourne, and as part of the European Lettering Tours in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels. 

Here is what you will learn and what you need to know.

What you will learn

  • Foundational letterforms to help improve legibility and style
  • Techniques for each of the different marker nibs to build confidence
  • A variety of lettering styles and when to use them for hierarchy and emphasis
  • How to develop and design your own style of lettering to differentiate your style from others in the field

What you need to know

  • This high-touch course includes:
    • Four (4) live, 2-hour virtual sessions with weekly homework, and
    • Three (3) one-to-one sessions you can schedule at your convenience where we can dive deep into your lettering needs
  • Though this is a "markers on paper" course to learn letterforms and techniques, we will also cover ways to practice and integrate your lettering digitally  upon request. 
  • Have the following materials on hand...don't have them? New this session: I will be sending my Handlettering Kit from Neuland for the price of shipping. Yay! Free markers! Ready to put in a Neuland order? Upon registration you will receive a 15% off voucher for your next Neuland order. Until then, here is what I will be working with and recommend:
    • Small monoline pens: Neuland SketchOne or other pens
    • Small monoline markers: Neuland FineOne round nib (any color)
    • Variety of nibs: Neuland No.One round, brush, and wedge nibs (any color)
    • Large markers: Neuland BigOne (any color)
    • Extra large markers: Neuland FatOne (any color ink but see below for kit recommendation)
    • Practice paper: both tabletop and wall including the Handlettering Learning pad (To-go 8028.0600 and Flipchart Item no.: 8107.0020).
  • Be sure to block out time each week to practice! There will be homework!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are a visual practitioner or anyone capturing live during meetings (facilitators, trainers, and those writing on white board or flipcharts).
  • You understand the value of legibility and have to perform at speed.
  • You wield a marker and want to feel confident as you do.


To make the most out of our time together, pre-work includes:

We will be building on the lettering styles presented in Unlock Your Neuland Markers. . You will want to know them to complete some of the exercises in the course.

What you get after the course ends...

The learning never ends! You will receive access to the Level Up Your Lettering Alumni Portal where I share more resources not available anywhere on the internet—mostly developments and tools requested by alumni as part of their learning experience. And you have access to me anytime you want to reach out, ask questions, send practice pages or want feedback on your work.



“There is an abundance of information on calligraphy and lettering in books, YouTube, etc. Heather has build a unique set of resources on how to use the knowledge of lettering with Neuland markers for our day-to-day job. She’s very generous and shares a lot. Overwhelm is not far away. Where to start? What’s the next step? What is really useful for my practice? I recommend the 1:1 sessions where Heather guides you in a gentle way from where you are at the moment, with small steps and dedicated exercises. Watching the videos and lettering along is one thing, but the 1:1 sessions made a big difference for me. Thanks!" —Martine

"Heather's Level Up Your Lettering workshop is the best blend of content, theory, and practical learning I've had in a very long time. I feel equipped to go back to my workplace and immediately apply many of my newly acquired skills. Thank you, Heather! I highly recommend Heather's workshops and her new Lettering Journey book even if you, like me, need to pay with Canadian dollars which translate to a 35% extra cost. It's worth every penny!" —Beth