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Neuland markers writing an N

Unlock Your Neuland Markers

A FREE “Startup Series” that any lettering enthusiast can master. Lettering styles include:
Roman Hand, Double Stroke, Brushlettering, and Neuland Hand.

This is a prerequisite for
Lettering Journey and
Level Up Your Lettering.

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Neuland markers writing an N

Learn to Brushletter

Embrace the beauty!

Learn how to break down each letterform into strokes to give you the command over your tools to make confident letters.

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Make It
Your Lettering Year

Commit to a lettering practice this fun and practical, year-long course. You will be provided with weekly prompts between monthly live sessions. Your efforts will result in a book of lettering.

Make it happen!

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Advance your skills with these more stylized hands and scripts. Also including other courses of interest...

Zine how to letter like a sign painter

Letter like a Sign Painter

Stylize your lettering with simple instructions about how to hold your marker (angle) with confidence and make the marks like a sign painter (or sign writer) would if they had a brush nib marker to work with.

Learn it today!

Learn to Sketchnote

Sketchnoting is a great learning tool you can use when taking notes in virtual classes and telling a visual story.

This course is designed with the learner in mind.

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A Lettering Journey

Forget the scenic route,
take the express lane!

Based on the award-winning book, take a Lettering Journey and learn the lettering styles found and translated into markers during a year-long road trip across the country.

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For the Professional

Tools to take you further in your career...

Sketchnote tools and techniques

For the Love of Lettering

Join the sweethearts of lettering: Carol DuBosch, Sharon Zeugin and Mike Gold for a special series of lettering sessions.

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Strengths and Flow graphics

Illuminating the Dark

with Sharon Zeugin

Explore ways to develop a personal script using both handwriting and an informal, monoline Italic with materials that bring your talent to light.

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Strengths and Flow graphics

Dancing with the Dark

with Sharon Zeugin

As we dance with the bones
of Roman Capitals, its compressed version, your version, and your favorite mark-making tools on black paper.

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Lettering with the Masters

We've been watching and admiring them for years...

Our favorite visual practitioners, calligraphers and even a graffiti artist come together to share lettering styles and tips.

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Geri Briggs-Simpson

I believe people come into your life for a reason and I am blessed to meet Heather Leavitt Martinez the lettering guru!!! Wonderful, knowledgeable, dynamic educator, who is also clever, funny, and kind. Not only did she spend time with each of us in class but worked with me for over an hour separately because I am left-handed. How fabulous is that!?